Relief from depression in Edwardsville, Illinois

Relief from depression in Edwardsville, IllinoisThere currently are an estimated 17.5 million Americans who suffer from some form of depression. Anxiety, hopelessness, loss of energy, trouble sleeping and occasional physical pain are some of the symptoms of depression.

Pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars on the development and promotion of drugs intended to treat “chemical imbalances” in the body to reduce the severity of symptoms, but these treatments often have dangerous side effects.

While science has not yet verified the exact cause of depression, research does suggest that the brain stem and upper-cervical spine may be involved in many mood disorders. Injury and trauma, including whiplash and even a mild concussion to the head, neck or upper back can increase the risk o f depression. However, depression symptoms resulting from injury or trauma may not arise right away. In fact, problems Upper Cervical Care often start to develop months or even years afterward.

As a safe and natural alternative to chemical treatments, studies show that specific upper cervical corrections can significantly improve depression test scores. This conservative care is highly recommended as a starting point for patients looking to improve mood without the use of drugs.