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What is Upper Cervical Care?

Upper cervical care is a sophisticated approach to alternative medicine, offering safe and natural treatment methods for a variety of health conditions such as:

Rather than focusing on merely treating symptoms with drugs or surgery that can have potentially dangerous side effects, upper cervical care is concentrated on locating the source of the problem with precise measurements and gentle corrections that provide lasting results.

Optimizing Brain-Body Communications

To better understand the basis of upper cervical care, it is helpful to first understand the anatomy and importance of the upper cervical spine.

Made up of two bones called the atlas and axis vertebrae, the upper cervical spine houses the very vital but extremely vulnerable brain stem. The brain stem contains millions of nerve fibers and is responsible for the transmission of all messages between the brain and every other cell, muscle, organ and system of the body. Coordinating and controlling all bodily functions, the proper positioning of the two bones around the brain stem is absolutely essential. This proven need for proper brain-body communication is the foundation of upper cervical care.

Acting as the primary protectors of the brain stem, the atlas and axis vertebrae are the only two bones in the spine without intervertebral disks or interlocking joints. These two bones have the ability to move in six different directions allowing for useful rotation of the head, but this also increases the likelihood of misalignments.

If either vertebra in the upper cervical spine becomes misaligned, the brain stem can be compromised. Communication between the brain and the body can be interrupted or misinterpreted causing organs and systems in the body to malfunction. The imbalance of the body resulting from misalignment of the upper cervical spine is a condition known as “body imbalance.”

Upper Cervical Care of Edwardsville

The highly trained doctors at Upper Cervical Care of Edwardsville are passionately committed to improving the health and wellness of their patients. With natural and effective procedures, upper cervical care not only seeks to correct the cause of discomfort, but also helps prevent ailments by promoting ideal brain-body communication so that the body continues to function properly.

Who Can Benefit from Upper Cervical Care?

Most people tend to seek medical treatment only when something is wrong. In comparison, upper cervical care patients benefit from preventative procedures that can help them stay well.

Upper cervical care is also an ideal solution for people looking for drug-free solutions for their conditions. Many “diseases” that are traditionally treated with pharmaceuticals often can be remedied simply by correcting the alignment of the upper cervical spine to improve communication between the brain and the affected system. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. With proper upper cervical care, this natural self-healing ability is promoted and wellness can be obtained.


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