Carpal Tunnel Relief in Edwardsville, IL

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) often is described as an aching pain with burning or tingling sensations and numbness in the wrist, hand and, occasionally, in the forearm. In some cases, muscle weakness, swelling and loss of temperature sensation also may be present. Patients may accidentally drop objects or have difficulty lifting small items or turning doorknobs. Carpal tunnel often is falsely attributed to careers that require repetitive use of the hands, wrists or arms, but it actually is caused by irritation or pressure to the median nerve.

The median nerve originates in the neck and runs through the shoulders, arms, forearms, wrists and into the hands. It is the primary nerve in the hand providing sensation and controlling movement of the thumbs, index and middle fingers. The most likely point of interference on the median nerve is in the vulnerable section of the upper cervical spine.

A proper evaluation for CTS should include an exam of the entire length of the median nerve, starting at the neck and working down to the wrists, hands and fingers. If the problem exists in the neck, an upper cervical doctor can correct misalignments of the vertebrae to relieve symptoms of carpel tunnel and often prevent the need for surgery.