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Vertigo – A Solution – Edwardsville, Illinois

Ending Vertigo Symptoms in Edwardsville Illinois The latest advancement in treatment for Vertigo is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care that is now producing fruitful results. What are the most common types of injuries that leads to Vertigo symptoms? Traumas to the head, neck, or spine Concussion Auto accidents Whiplash Sports injuries Bike and ski falls Poor posture All these cases above can [...]

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The Basics of Vertigo: What Causes It and How to Cope

To begin with, it is important to note that vertigo is not a condition but rather a symptom of other health conditions. It is the feeling that you or the things in your environment are spinning about. It can be barely noticeable, or it can be so severe if it causes you to have to [...]

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Upper Cervical Care Provides Migraine Sufferers With Natural Relief

Migraines are all too common in today’s fast-paced world. Who has time to stop and care for a migraine, whether it lasts a few hours or potentially even a few days? About 37 million Americans suffer from migraines, with up to 3 million having chronic migraines (a migraine more than 15 times in a month). [...]

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Do Fibromyalgia Symptoms Differ Between Men and Women?

Fibromyalgia is a condition that can affect anyone, but by a large margin predominantly impacts women.  As many as 90% of diagnosed fibromyalgia cases are women. Because men and women are genetically different, they may experience the disorder quite differently.  Fibromyalgia symptoms in males overall seem to be fewer and milder, though they can certainly [...]

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Rid Yourself of TMJ Pain Naturally

When you hear the phrase "TMJ", you might think about painful popping, clicking or locking of the jaw.  TMJ is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint, or the two jaw joints located on both sides of the face just in front of the ears.  The term TMJ is commonly used to describe a group of conditions [...]

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